I don’t normally write movie event posts. See, I never really leave the house and neither should you. What do I need that’s outside? I’ve got chips. Cookies. Netflix. Dead bodies. Guns. Drugs. Money. A brand new Cadillac with the pink slip. All in the comfort of my bedroom. Ain’t that a little honey? The outside’s for lowlifes. It’s just a jungle and I ain’t no jungle bunny, true? Alright really I’m just cutting up lines from this sometimes-forgotten but flawless scene:

…which brings me to the real thing. The Castro Theatre is showing 10 Martin Scorsese movies in 5 days. Tonight kicks off with Taxi Driver, which might well be the greatest American movie from the greatest decade of American film history. Quentin Tarantino agrees with me. But I digress…and the decidedly lighter After Hours to wash it down. All the usual suspects follow including one of my all-time favorites, Raging Bull, a mandatory view for anyone who ever watched When We Were Kings with a chill up their spine and said Norman Mailer was right. Muhammad Ali was scared and he won anyway:

And because it’s absolutely classic, here’s the opening of Raging Bull with the smoke and the opera and the what have you (please excuse the excessive youtubing today):

And then there’s Mark Wahlberg, there’s Joe Pesci, there’s Harvey Keitel drunk on one of those Spike Lee steadycam shots, and there’s Christ.

So there you have it. Crystal clear. I’d have thrown this mess into my weekly Weekend Watch post you see, but they run on Thursdays and Taxi Driver shows tonight! So, as much as it pains me to even think it, I might just have to get out of bed. Servants! Plate these cookie scraps and bring the limo ’round. We’re going for a drive. Info.

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