At about 8:30 last night, I suddenly realized I had totally forgotten “Heroes” was also premiering its new season. Which kind of says all that needs to be said about the series, actually. (I did watch it, though, and while it was a step above what they’ve been up to for the past two seasons, it’s still got its major problems. Including the introduction of even more heroes, or villains, or whatever it is they will turn out to be.)

But that’s the past. Let’s look to the future! Let’s look to…tonight!


A new season of “NCIS” starts at 8 P.M., and is followed by the series premiere of “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

So, if “NCIS” is “CSI” + the Navy, then “NCIS: Los Angeles” is “CSI” + the Navy + Los Angeles. And also + Chris O’Donnell, although in my book, that’s a solid minus, as well as many +Zs, (as in sleeping, y’all, ’cause Chris O’Donnell is hella boring, am I right?!)

I’m bad at math. Could someone form that into an equation for me?

At 10 P.M. is the series premiere of “The Good Wife,” which stars Chris Noth and Julianna Marguiles. It originally sounded like it could be an interesting look into the life of one of those wives who is so often seen standing behind her politician husband as he confesses to some kind of sex scandal. But, alas, it sounds like the show may turn into just another legal drama, as the “good wife” in this case is also a lawyer, and the downfall of her husband means she must return to work, taking on legal cases.

While new medical dramas seem to outnumber new legal dramas this season, there are still too many of both. But I will be watching this one, at least for a while, because I still like Chris Noth, even if he is getting a little long in the tooth, and I’ve missed Julianna Margulies ever since she left “ER;” and she deserves a better show than that one she was on last year that I can’t even remember the name of.


Speaking of forgotten shows, “The Forgotten” stars Christian Slater, who starred in a show last season that you’ve probably all forgotten about. (It was called “My Own Worst Enemy,” and it wasn’t very good). He’s back in this procedural drama, which sounds a bit like “Cold Case,” as an amateur sleuth and member of “The Identity Network,” a group of like-minded individuals who try to identify Jane and John Doe crime victims. Because TV needs more corpses!

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