“Lie to Me” at 9 P.M. The gimmick in this crime procedural starring Tim Roth is that he can tell when people are lying. So many of these shows have some kind of gimmick, don’t they? Fake psychics; “mentalists;” OCD. I wish someone would just bring back Sherlock Holmes and call it a day.

“Trauma” at 9 P.M. I like to rag on shows that pretend to be set in San Francisco, and aside from a few establishing shots, are clearly shot in Los Angeles or Canada. So I have to give props to “Trauma,” for actually shooting on the streets of San Francisco. Of course, that doesn’t mean they wont be free from ridicule. I’ll be watching those street signs like a hawk!

The show is about a group of paramedics dealing with all the helicopter crashes and random explosions that plague our city. (Well, that random explosion thing is actually kind of common.)

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  • Greg Dewar

    I’ll watch trauma purely for the streetspotting, but from all the (overdone) publicity, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that great of a show. I mean, didn’t we already see this show eleventy billion times since the 70s (Emergency 51, anyone?)?

    plus most of the actors are australian or english…

  • Martin G.

    It’s a triumph to have a show shot on location in S.F. I hope it’s a huge hit! It’s employing all local crew and lot’s of local extras and actors (like myself). The people are nice, the locations and CGI effects are spectacular. And Cliff (Rabbit) is a Kiwi, not an Aussie.

  • Matt Baume

    I spotted a Translink reader at about one minute in! AUTHENTIC!