District 9 – Metreon, AMC Van Ness

The aliens landed a while ago. I know because I have one sleeping under my desk at work. I trained it to move the mouse around whenever I leave for entire stretches of the day so the gchat light stays green and my boss thinks I’m just in the bathroom or something. This is important because the gchat status light is America’s current best indicator of productivity, I’ve learned. Anyway, apparently the government has gotten word of the new alien infestation and they’re shipping my little buddy to South Africa to get locked up. Drag.

At least I have all this viral marketing bus stop sign stuff to ponder while I’m looking for a new job. Website.

Ponyo – Metreon, Balboa

Watching Hayao Miyazaki movies is like standing in the candy aisle at a Japanese supermarket. You don’t really know what you’re looking at, anything you grab will probably taste sweet, and it all looks curiously like it’s either from the future or the distant past. Ponyo (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, to be exact) is the anime master’s newest. It’s about a young fish who wants to be a human girl because…why not? You can do anything in Japan. He could say, “My next movie will be about a plate of linguini named Abunai! (translation: Look Out!) who’s considering a career as a civil engineer” and everyone at the press conference would say, “Oh that sounds interesting. [mumble mumble]. I’m hungry already. [mumble] [mumble]. Mmmm, I can’t wait.” (Sorry for the poor dubbing on that).

While I’m on this awesome Japanese translation page, let me share this wisdom with you: Konj

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