whole_paycheck_shirt.jpgIn a slew of food fight puns, opinions on a Whole Foods Boycott are flying. First, the grocery chain’s CEO John Macky raised ire with his opinion, published in the Wall Street Journal, that health care isn’t an intrinsic right, that the “socialist” Obama plan will bankrupt the nation, and that our biggest health care problems are self-inflicted.
This isn’t Mackey’s first foray into controversy, but a boycott was soon underway over at the DailyKos, Facebook, etc.

Proud neo-con, former Chronicle foreign and national editor and current business columnist Andrew S. Ross wrote a somewhat condescending take on the boycott (scroll down), quoting workers who say they haven’t felt an impact (and apparently ordering a giant crab; sounds nice). Rebuttals and counter-rebuttals have been registered. Meanwhile, Mackey’s plans to provide a life-saving healthy diet to uninsured people (or seniors) who only have liquor stores in their neighborhoods must be forthcoming… right?

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  • Greg Dewar

    It’s nice for people to finally realize that Whole Foods sucks. Always has, always will. Overpriced crap, phony “organic” canned goods (those black beans of theirs are the same as those at the cheapo stores) and it’s just a craphole.

    I can get way better food, and way better specialty items walking down irving street and pay a fraction of what people pay at stupid Whole Foods.

  • J. Beaman

    All John Macky did was express an opinion–a smart, well thought out, honest opinion. Isn’t this what we want? Isn’t this why the town halls are so frustrating with the Nazi shit?

    Boycott. Fucking retarded. I remember when Rainbow Grocery was boycotting Israeli cous cous because of Israel’s policies towards the settlers in the West Bank and Gaza. Israeli cous cous! Idiots. Rainbow Grocery should boycott themselves for the U.S.’s policies in Iraq.

  • dantsea

    But J. Beaman, all the boycotters are doing is expressing their opinion. Isn’t that what we want?

  • Erik

    Opinions are grand, but when your job is to be a figurehead for a publicly-traded corporation and your opinion is one that the overwhelming majority of your customers disagree with then you may want to consider keeping it to yourself.

    Boycotts are always silly, but if I were a Whole Foods shareholder I would want this guy canned for going out of his way to piss off the customers.