Oh, CitiApartments. When they actually manage to get folks their deposits back, the bounce the checks! A reader emailed us last week, saying:

I moved from a Citi Apartments property on July 15th. After much caterwauling, I finally received a check for my uncontested deposit plus interest last Friday, the 14th of August, (Editor’s note: this is well after the 21 day deadline that deposits are required to be returned by. Oh, CitiApartments.) deposited into my checking account that same day. Today I learned that the check bounced. I am livid, obviously, and a domino effect has occurred wherein my checking account is in the negative, my credit card has been culled to make up the difference and I am at a loss of what to do.

In the tradition of Citi’s many many many names, Trophy Properties VI B8A, LLC was the account holder on the rubber check, “the same agent to whom we wrote our rent checks” says our reader.

So our fearless reader goes back to CitiApartment’s office, where they spoke to Adrienne Lowe (which is more that we could get her to do). Our reader was given a new check, with an additional $35 to cover the bouncing fee. BUT GET THIS:

However, this check is drawn on the same bank account that the previous returned check was…We were instructed/asked not to cash the check until after 5 p.m. today because the funds were being transferred this afternoon.

Srsly? Is CitiApartments even trying anymore?

After some hassles at the bank, our stalwart reader was able to leave CitiApartment’s bank with the cash owed. But how many folks aren’t able to fight as hard for their money back?

Last week, commenter salsaman asked “So, how is CitiApartments still legally operating, in light of these reports of outright fraud?” Great question, right?

After getting that comment, we emailed Deputy City Attorney Jennifer Choi, to whom we spoke when we wrote our first CitiApartments story, asking “Are there any updates we can share with readers to help offset their frustration that this company appears to continue to operate this way with no consequence?”

Unfortunately, she has not responded, so we’ve forwarded the email to City Attorney’s office spokesperson Matt Dorsey, in hopes he can help get us some clarity on this. Because it’s kind of crazy, isn’t it?

You know we love your CitiApartments stories, put ’em here.

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