A drop here. A snippet there.

Gavin Newsom wants to vent, you guys!

In recent interviews, our Mayor’s been hinting that perhaps all was not what it seemed with his revelation of adultery, alcoholism and man-code violations of early 2007. He keeps bringing it up!

We’ve been forbidden from mentioning the scandal for years and now all of a sudden, someone wants to spill. According to today’s Matier & Ross, “Those close to the mayor tell us Newsom has long felt victimized by how he was cast in the media. Now that he’s running for higher office, Newsom is trying to rewrite history through innuendo.”

If I may hop up on my high horse, isn’t rehashing this obviously painful, personal issue kind of, well, tacky? I adore Gavin’s gravely-voiced, designer clad, save-the-world hotness just as much as the next chick in line at Ambiance, but dropping these little teasers doesn’t seem very gentlemanly. In the great words of George Michael, if you’ve got something to say, why don’t you say it. Otherwise, let’s get back to the hobos.

Class and discretion aside, this doesn’t seem like the smartest political move. I don’t think Bill Clinton went around years later, smirking, “You know, that whole Monica thing wasn’t really what you thought it was…” Zip it, Gav! As much as I am DYING to hear your version of the torrid, torrid details, every time you slide one of these mysterious revelations into an interview, you sound like a Zac Efron quote. And as much as I adore Zac Efron, I don’t want him and his drama to be my Governor.

Finally Mayor Newsom, you know I love you. But if we’re going to have a sleazy, dicey, uninhibited, no-tell/mo-tel affair, I need to know you can keep it under wraps. I certainly won’t. That would be ridiculous. But it’ll look so much more legit if you deny it.

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