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From the reports in our live coverage, transit and traffic was a mess on the way west to Outside Lands, but it looks like relief was available as soon as you arrived.

“Of course the first thing I’m handed at the gate is a flyer for the marijuana dispensary with the lowest ‘consultation fee’ in the state” tweeted Friend of the Appeal (henceforth, FOTA) Andrew . Which, might explain why, in the words of Appeal reporter MiHi Ahn, “Beer lines short! Porta potty lines sort. Lines for sliders and crispy mac and cheese looooooong.”

Neighbors reported being able to hear the show “note for note,” and parking was, no surprise, an issue for residents in the area.

Meanwhile, folks streamed in to the park, some with tickets, others without: Manny Freitas says “Just saw about 2 doz fans go under the fence into #outsidelands. I think they all made it” and we’re sure they weren’t the only ones.

Photographer for the Appeal Charles Russo (those are his photos in the slideshowabove) said it was a “Good day. Saw a lot of great bands.”

His highlights of day one:

The National: There were three similar genre-style sets clustered together – the Dodos, Silversun Pickups, and the National. All three were great and I think the National were the best of the bunch. It’s no small thing to catch a festival crowds attention with a shoegazer-style sound and the National really had the crowd engaged.

Q-Tip: I think Q-Tip played the best set all day. High energy from the moment he came out and really knew how to work the crowd. He was so animated the photographers didn’t want to leave the photo pit.

Silversun Pickups: Played a really great midday set.

The Barbary: The Festival has this really great addition this year in the form of the Barbary – an ornate burlesque house (wood and glass interior) with some really phenomenal acts. Definitely a fun place to hang out when there are lulls in the festival. As far as these photos, the parading around the festival grounds was a spontaneous things by members of different troupes. The trombone player is Jingles the Clown. Barbary-4 is Dr.Madd Vibe…as in Vau de Vire & Mad Vibe Orchestra. Barbary-5 is a part of a performance from the same troupe.

Black Joe Lewis: On my way to shoot Q-Tip, I came across a huge crowd listening to Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears with much enthusiasm. Very soulful and dirty New Orleans sort of sound. One of the better sets I saw all day.

Pearl Jam sounds… well, like Pearl Jam. And 8th grade.The Dodos: I caught the last two songs of the Dodos set and thought they were excellent.

Site 2 &3: So there is this very corporate booth/promotions things
going on. Some of which are cringeworthy and others are kind of cool. Intel has this white dome lounge with all blue lights inside, a great sound system, and a bar that served oxygen and energy drinks by bartenders in lab coats and electric blue wigs. Furthermore they were broadcasting the main stage performance behind the bar.

Tom Jones: Ummm….not sure what to say about Tom Jones.

Well, Charlie, let the masses speak for you: soniaraye says “Tom Jones still has it…you should see this crowd!!!,” and jonthebastard says “No less than 30 pairs of panties and bras were thrown onstage next to Tom Jones.” Even our reporter gave up her journalistic objectivity and announced “Tom still singing. Crowd leaving in droves for Pearl Jam. I am removing underpants to throw on stage. Here I come Tom!”

Pearl Jam also seemed to evoke nostalgic responses,like FOTA Andrew’s remark that “Pearl Jam sounds… well, like Pearl Jam. And 8th grade.” People were also wondering why Pearl Jam refused permission to be livestreamed on YouTube or elsewhere. But that’s not the only fun media cock blocking your favorite middle school band participated in: they also denied access to most photographers, with the few actually allowed access only being granted one song to shoot. Guess the cell phone photos of varying quality will have to be our sole document of this magic moment.

I’m sure I missed some of the other top moments of the show — what were your highlights, so far? The Incubus cover of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy? Sexy dancing girls at the Thievery Corporation stage? Let us know, even as you follow day two of our live coverage.

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