Public Enemies – AMC Van Ness, Century Centre, Sundance Kabuki, Presidio, the F*ing sun.

Michael Mann just made Michael Bay his pool cleaner. As I devour leftover tacos for breakfast, let me talk about Miami Vice. Despite having kind of a cool fuck-off vibe, it never did seem to get that last gram of cocaine off its mustache. So what does Michael Mann do next? He goes back to what he does best. Robbin’ banks (also my porn name). The bank robbery in Heat is one of the greatest action sequences in action sequencing history. I watch it in the mornings before I leave the house. I watch it before I go on a date. I watch it while I’m watching it. I watch it on two TVs and point them at each other so they can watch each other watching it. I would watch Public Enemies just for the 2 seconds when Johnny Depp says, “I’m here for the bank’s money, not your money.” And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Website.

Team America – The Red Vic

I’m going camping for the 4th of July. I’m eating chips. I’m drinking Coors Lite. I’m going to revive college-era slang. I’m going to listen to “Party Mix ’01” on the Volvo stereo. I’m preparing “pitching a tent” jokes as we speak. Actually I write these posts a day in advance so I’m already gone. Oooh boy it’s nice here. I had no idea! This is all to say that I’ll be in the USA doing USA things on USA day. Same as you watching Team America, eating popcorn, drinking coke at The Red Vic. We should be friends. Friday Night. Info.

El Dorado – Sundance Kabuki

This movie is from Belgium. In Belgium they speak French. Is my global relations knowledge blowing your mind? I should work for the UN. But I don’t hate the Belgians and I’ll tell you why. They make a lot of beer. And drinking beer is American. As American as going to the Oktoberfest party at your local Irish Pub, drinking Chimay and watching soccer. You know what else is American? Big American* cars. In El Dorado, a short fat guy and a tall skinny guy team up on a road trip after one tries to rob the other. They drive around in an old Chevy. Fin. It’s a classic surreal 70s American new Belgian road movie. I’m working on a full review while I make waffles. Info.

*copyright 2008

Okay. I’m done for the week. Actually I’ve eaten so much while writing this I think I’m done for the year. Happy BBQ Day!

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