I really hope Carole Migden is grateful that we are paying for her 2007 crazy train through California so she can use her own $335,000 to buy herself a shack in District 10 where she apparently plans to run for Supervisor.

First of all, if I was driving like a crackhead all over the place, screaming my job title at cops and crashing into innocents, would my job pay off the victims left in my wake? Is that how this works? Because if that’s the case, I have some convenience stores I’d like to rob. I’ll risk death at the hands of that little tyrant and venture to say that she should pay for this nonsense out of her own Chico’s pocket.

If Carole Migden doesn’t win in District 10, what’s she going to run for next? Coroner?For the sake of my journalistic integrity, let me try and forget that this was the woman who yelled at my dad, called me at my day job, accused me of lying AND has a whole section on her Wikipedia page devoted to “Driving History.” Let’s just pretend she’s a lovely, warm, kind, good-natured elected official who had a legitimate adverse reaction to prescribed medication which caused her to drive erratically while she was on her cell phone saving lives due to her volunteer job at a suicide hotline. Even under these entirely forgivable circumstances, should we, the poor, sad, confused state of California have to foot the bill?

Fuck no.

Alas, we are.

$335,000 in jobs and funding and programs are going to pay for Carole Migden’s kooky driving. And she’s still planning on running for elected office! Like no one’s going to notice we just bailed her out to the tune of like, art in schools. There will be no more 9 year olds learning the clarinet because of a losing incumbent, who now, rumor has it, wants a job she’s already held.

Is it just me, or is State Senator to City Supervisor one hell of a step down? I mean no disrespect to our San Francisco Board of Supervisors, all of whom are probably smart accomplished people. It’s just, you know, I went to high school with one of them. I think of that job as more of a jumping off point in one’s career. If Carole Migden doesn’t win in District 10, what’s she going to run for next? Coroner? Is she just going to seek out random, potentially winnable elections until she finally has a title worthy of screaming at people? Because if that’s the case, then great. We’ll all have tons of blog fodder. But I was wild about this broad before.

And now, as far as I’m concerned, she owes me money.

It is ON.

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