girl_recycling.jpgChronicle columnist C.W. Nevius declares that ‘recycling rustlers’ are, like, the number one most ‘vexing’ part about living in the city.

You can see his point. How vexing it must be for people to have to go to all the work of going through your garbage to collect your recyclables, take them all the way to the recycling center, and only get, like, 5 cents per plastic bottle?

Just thinking about it makes people like Bernal Heights resident David Brame so vexed that they have to write emails to the Nevius at four in the morning, bemoaning the “parade of shopping carts” that “march up and down the street, picking through the blue (recycling) bins.”

Some people get so vexed even thinking about vexing things like the poor making money for themselves via our discarded PDR cans that they go into a vex-induced coma and have to take a week off from work just to cope. Just think about what that does to the economy. If you’re not totally vexed by now then you probably don’t own a yacht, which you can learn more about if you actually bother to read this vexing column: the yacht item is the next one down.

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