girl_recycling.jpgChronicle columnist C.W. Nevius declares that ‘recycling rustlers’ are, like, the number one most ‘vexing’ part about living in the city.

You can see his point. How vexing it must be for people to have to go to all the work of going through your garbage to collect your recyclables, take them all the way to the recycling center, and only get, like, 5 cents per plastic bottle?

Just thinking about it makes people like Bernal Heights resident David Brame so vexed that they have to write emails to the Nevius at four in the morning, bemoaning the “parade of shopping carts” that “march up and down the street, picking through the blue (recycling) bins.”

Some people get so vexed even thinking about vexing things like the poor making money for themselves via our discarded PDR cans that they go into a vex-induced coma and have to take a week off from work just to cope. Just think about what that does to the economy. If you’re not totally vexed by now then you probably don’t own a yacht, which you can learn more about if you actually bother to read this vexing column: the yacht item is the next one down.

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  • Fred

    I get the point: theft of recyclables is a problem for the waste-management companies, not really a problem for the yachted and refined glitterati. But it could end up costing everybody should the waste-management folks refuse to re-up the contract. So here’s an idea for the city burghers: set up an official way for the gleaners to participate.

    In the meantime, bleeding hearts can, you know, rather than snark, put the recylables in something other than the blue container. It’s a pretty easy concept: once the stuff is in the blue container, it belongs to the contractual recyclers. Until you so abandon it, however, it’s your property, and you can give it to anyone you choose.

  • Greg Dewar

    How pathetic. We’re literally fighting over garbage.

    One thing no one likes to talk about is the fact that people are paying that CRV fee (actually a tax) on all their bottles and cans…but if they don’t take the bottles and cans themselves to get their money back, they’re essentially ceding that money to the state, which then uses it how it pleases.

    If we really want to get down to brass tacks here, why am I not getting my CRV back from the waste management company? Why does the state get to keep my money?

    When I lived in Venice Beach there were redemption machines everywhere and it was easy to dump a bag of bottles and cans into the machine, it’d count them out (or do it by weight if you wanted) and get a voucher to spend at the grocery store, or get money. SF doesn’t have nearly as many of these, and the one nearest me is kinda gross so I never do it anymore. But if simply getting my CRV back sticks it to the man, I’m gonna start doing it.

  • LibertyHiller

    I haven’t seen the credit for recycling revenue on my garbage bills for a few years now, probably because the bottle thieves became very well organized along the way. But even then, I doubt it was more than a buck or two for about $20 worth of empties.

    I grew up in Michigan, where if the store sells it, the store has to take the empty. That and a 10 deposit add up; after high school I used to be able to turn in a case of empties and buy a six-pack of cheap beer.

  • Mel Baker

    I know I’m annoyed by the fact that the recyclers wake me up in the middle of the night and leave a mess on my street and then return a couple hours later to go buy smack at the housing project across the street.

    In the greater scheme of things it isn’t the most important issue to me and I’m not sure that the city needs to expend major police enforcement on the issue. However the nearby recycling centers may be having the unintended consequence of fueling people’s drug addictions.

    It is a complex issue that deserves more examination. Certainly more than a quick one off post here on the Appeal of a quick commentary by C.W. Nevius.

    Come on, this SF Appeal supposed to be a news source, not just another blog aka SFist.

  • cedichou

    The news source can be opinionated, right? If CW Nevius is being a twit, then snark is the appropriate answer.

  • benaldweller

    get over yourself
    what if you were out on the street and needed to make a few bucks?
    would you rather see these folks doing robberies – or worse?
    maybe if everyone used less crap there’d be less of an issue.
    what about all the noise that the damn garbage trucks produce at 7AM?
    let’s concentrate on some REAL issues and leave those poor people alone