Incident Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4:29 pm 200 block Rey St. Warrant Arrest
Officer S. Williams, Officer Morse, and Officer Archilla responded to a residence in search of a wanted parolee. The officers entered the premise, located the subject near the rear of the residence, and took him into custody, case number 090746468.

Other Incidents:

5:13 am 200 block Ocean Commercial Burglary
Officer Plantinga and Officer Baldovino were dispatched to a call of a burglary at a local market. The officers arrived on scene to find the security gate rolled up and a large hole in the front door. A witness reported that he had heard loud banging and saw two unidentified males go into and out of the market before running to a parked car and driving away. The owner told the officers that some money was stolen from the register and various grocery items were taken, case number 090744199.

7:50 am unit block Phelan Ave. Burglary

SFCCPD Officer Smith responded to a construction site on City College property regarding a call of a burglary. The workers at the site said that they arrived to find a cargo container opened and numerous computers, electronics, and tools missing, case number 090744434.

1:46 pm 400 block Holly Park Circle Fraud
Officer Altamirano and Officer Thompson were dispatched to a call regarding a fraud. The victim told the officers that she had been notified by her credit card company of some internet charges on her account that she never authorized, case number 090745909.

1:46 pm 700 block Huron Ave. Investigative Detention
Officer Ravano, Lt. Moran, Sgt. Escobar, and Officer Phillips responded to a residence in search of a subject with misdemeanor warrants. The officers were able to locate and take the subject into custody without any incident. However, the officers later learned that the subject was stricken with pneumonia that precluded his intake into county jail. The subject was eventually advised and released, case number 090747137.

2:45 pm 500 block Alemany Blvd. Fraud
PSA Knuckles prepared a report where a victim said that she had mistakenly left behind some blank checks at her old residence when she moved out. The victim later discovered that the someone had apparently used the checks to pay various DMV fees, case number 090746123.

3:05 pm unit block Phelan Ave. Street Robbery
SFCCPD Officer Wong prepared a report at City College regarding robbery. The victim said that she was walking to City College from the Quickly Cafe when two unknown black males approached her from behind. The two males surrounded her and told her to give up her laptop computer. The victim offered to withdraw money from an ATM for them, instead. The suspects escorted the victim back to the Quickly Cafe, and one of them followed her inside to the ATM machine. The victim was unable to withdraw any money due to insufficient funds, so the suspects took whatever cash was on the victim and fled the scene, case number 090746333.

3:30 pm 3300 block Folsom St. Attempted Stolen Vehicle
PSA Knuckles prepared a report where a victim returned to his parked car and found his steering lock and ignition broken, case number 090746270.

3:31 pm 300 block Sawyer St. Threats
Officer Johnson and Officer Castillo were dispatched to a report of threats. The victim said that an old friend and ex-roommate accused the victim of stealing her jacket. The victim denied any knowledge, and the suspect cursed her and threatened to harm her, case number 090746894.

5:06 pm 3900 block San Bruno Ave. Missing Person
Officer Castillo and Officer Johnson responded to a call of a missing person and met with the reportee. The person said that he had argued with his wife, and that she had threatened to leave him once her green card arrived. A few days ago, he returned home to find his wife and daughter gone, along with all their belongings, case number 090746743.

6:27 pm Mission St. / Silver Ave. Vandalism

Officer Smith and Officer Brown were dispatched to a call of a juvenile disturbance. A Muni bus driver saw an unknown male disable the bus poles connected to the electric lines. The suspect then spray painted the side of the bus. The driver got off of the bus and reattached the power lines. When he got back into the bus, he noticed that his Muni jacket was missing, case number 090746929.

2:30 pm 1900 block Castro St. Vandalism
Officer Trujillo responded to a call of a vandalism and met with the reportee, who told Officer Trujillo that she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend. After the argument, the boyfriend broke her window and left the area, case number 090747109.

10:35 pm 1500 block Geneva Ave. Threats

Officer V. Williams responded to a report of phone threats. The victim said that she had recently broken up with her girlfriend and did not want to store any of the ex-girlfriend’s items at her residence. The suspect called up the victim and threatened to harm her if she threw out any of the suspect’s personal items, case number 090747513.

Vehicle Incidents:
2:51 am 2100 block Alemany Blvd. Recovered Vehicle
2:52 am 2100 block Alemany Blvd. Recovered Vehicle
7:45 am 200 block Cotter St. Stolen Vehicle
8:33 am 100 block France St. Recovered Vehicle
9:30 am unit block Brookdale Ave. Recovered Vehicle
10:32 am 400 block Justin Dr. Stolen Vehicle
11:00 am unit block Stoneybrook Ave. Recovered Vehicle

San Francisco Police Department
Ingleside Station
Commanding Officer Captain David Lazar
1 Sgt. John V. Young Lane
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 404-4030

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