Incident Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2009


4:26 pm 300 block Santa Rosa Ave. Battery
Officer Adams responded with several other police units to a report of a fight in progress and detained two males. The victim stated that he was having an ongoing dispute with his friend. His friend approached him wanting to talk, but he refused and asked his friend to leave. His friend then punched the victim, causing a laceration to his face. The victim made a citizen’s arrest of his friend, and the suspect was cited, case number 090717168.

10:51 pm Geneva Ave. / Santos St. Suspended License
Officer Traw was on patrol and saw a moving vehicle fail to stop at a solid red light. Officer Traw effected a traffic enforcement stop and contacted the driver, who had an opened bottle of an alcoholic beverage within reach and who was operating a vehicle while his driver’s license was suspended. Officer Traw cited the driver and the vehicle was towed, case number 090718423.

Other Incidents:

5:07 am 100 block Harvard St. Theft from Vehicle
Officer Almaguer and Officer Chan responded to a call of an auto boost in progress. Upon their arrival, the officers saw an unknown male leaning through a broken window of a parked car. The suspect saw the officers and immediately started to run away. Officer Almaguer and Officer Chan gave chase on foot, but lost sight of the suspect in the area, case number 090714976.

6:28 am 200 block Harvard St. Vandalism

PSA Zabarte prepared a report regarding a victim who found a window shattered on his parked car, case number 090715015.

7:12 am unit block Sala Terrace St. Theft from Vehicle
PSA Zabarte prepared a report regarding a victim who returned to his parked car and found a window shattered and the car stereo missing, case number 090715043.

8:00 am 500 block London St. Vehicle Burglary
Officer Sanchez and Officer Morrow responded to a call of a burglary. The victim found that someone had broken into a locked trailer storage container and had stolen over $7,500.00 in construction equipment, case number 090715203.

8:42 am France Ave. / Russia St. Theft from Vehicle
PSA Zabarte prepared a report regarding a victim who returned to his parked car and found a window shattered and a laptop and a watch missing, case number 090715190.

3:04 pm 800 block San Jose Ave. Evading Police
Officer Lewis and Officer Cvetovac were on bicycle patrol and saw a vehicle parked blocking a driveway. When the driver noticed the officers, he immediately started up the vehicle and drove away. The officer’s caught up to the vehicle at an intersection and twice ordered the driver to stop. The driver looked at the officers, replied “OK”, but then sped off, case number 090716803.

5:00 pm unit block Addison St. Vandalism
PSA Knuckles prepared a report regarding a victim who returned to her parked vehicle to find graffiti on the passenger side, case number 090717196.

6:10 pm unit block Brentwood Ave. Residential Burglary
Officer Adams responded to a call of a burglary and met with the two victims. The victims returned home to find their front door unlocked and numerous electronic devices, computer equipment, and jewelry missing, case number 090717340.

7:02 pm 400 block Munich St. Dog Bite
Officer Kabanuck and Officer Leong responded to St. Luke’s Hospital regarding a report of a dog bite. The victim, a postal employee, was delivering mail when a small dog from an open gate ran out and bit her on her leg. The victim contacted the tenants of the building, who claimed that the dog was a stray animal, case number 090717629.

7:49 pm unit block Bradford St. Death Report
Officer Yuen and Officer Paras responded to assist paramedics at the scene of a deceased person found inside of her home, case number 090717801.

8:44 pm 900 block Duncan St. Fraud

Officer Brown responded to a call regarding fraudulent use of an ATM card. The victim stated that his bank informed him of more than $7,000.00 of suspicious transactions on his ATM card. The victim never made the transactions nor did he give any one else the authorization, case number 090718122.

8:50 pm unit block Esquina Dr. Street Robbery
Officer Ng and Officer Castillo responded to a call of a strong-arm robbery and met with the victim. The victim stated that she had just gotten off of a Muni bus when she was hit several times on the back of her head and pushed down to the ground. The victim saw three unknown females grab the purse off of her shoulder and run away. The victim believed the suspects may have followed her off of the bus, case number 090718166.

9:15 pm 5100 block Mission St. Street Robbery
Officer Plantinga and Officer Rueca responded to a call of a fight and found a male with a laceration to his face. The victim said that he was approached by two unknown males who demanded his money. Both suspects punched the victim, who fell to the ground. The suspects went through the victim’s pockets, found nothing, and fled away on foot, case number 090718194.

10:15 pm 1800 block Alemany Blvd. Theft from Vehicle

Officer Rueca and Officer Plantinga responded to a call of an auto boost and met with the victim. The victim said that she returned to her parked car and found the trunk open and construction tools and the car radio missing, case number 090718354.

11:16 pm unit block Brookdale Ave. Residential Burglary

Officer Brown and Officer Anderson responded to a report of a burglary. The victim stated that she returned home to find her front door unlocked and her home in disarray. The victim determined that her television and DVD player were missing, case number 090718627.

11:27 pm 4900 block Mission St. Aided Case

Officer Leong and Officer Kabanuck responded to a parking lot regarding an unconscious person. The Officers located the subject, who was breathing but unresponsive. Officer Leong and Officer Kabanuck summoned medical assistance for the subject, who was transported to General Hospital by paramedics, case number 090718655.

11:37 pm 600 block Monterey Blvd. Missing Person
Officer Williams responded to a call of a missing person and met with the foster mother. The foster mother said that she had an argument with the subject, who then left the residence without permission, case number 090718514.

12:24 am unit block Brookdale Ave. Hot Prowl
Officer Anderson and Officer Brown were on patrol in the Sunnydale housing area when they were flagged down regarding unwanted guests breaking into the victim’s house. The victim said that he was approached by three males claiming that an unidentified individual that owed money to the three suspects was residing with the victim. The suspects broke out the windows and kicked opened the front door. When the victim confronted them, the three suspects began punching and kicking the victim before fleeing on foot, case number 090718752.

Vehicle Incidents:

8:08 am Castro St. / Bemis St. Stolen Vehicle
1:30 pm Russia St. / London St. Stolen Vehicle
3:08 pm Monterey Blvd. / Congo St. Stolen Plate
4:20 pm 100 block Sickles Ave. Stolen Plate
7:30 pm 100 block Prentiss St. RecoveredVehicle

Captain David Lazar
Commanding Officer Ingleside Station
1 Sgt. John V. Young Lane
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 404-4030

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