iced-tea-main_Full.jpgDear Babe,

I had a vodka that tasted like the kind of sweet tea they serve in the southern US, but then I drank too much and forgot to ask what it was. Do you know what the vodka was?

Searching for the Sweet Tea Vodka

Dear Searching,

How did you know sweet tea vodka is my ABSOLUTE favorite drink? Really it’s gonna be my downfall because I never much drank alone at home until this vodka came out, now I do it all the time!

There are two different kinds of vodka that are sweet tea flavored, Seagram’s and Jeremiah Weed. I would say the Jeremiah Weed is the better of the two. The Seagram’s is a little too syrupy for my me and the Weed tastes more like the sweet tea you get in the South. Plus it has a great name, asking for “Weed on the rocks” always cracks me up.

See you at AA.


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  • Eve Batey

    I have so many questions! So, this really tastes like sweet tea, but it’s boozy? What bars in town have this? Can we go NOW?

  • chrisr

    This has been around the city for a little while, but looks like the Jermiah Weed guys are really making a push. Just saw it at Safeway last night for the first time.

  • Greg Dewar

    I first saw this on sale at the Roxie Market on Kirkham but was reluctant to try. However, Rachel the Awesome Bartender, over at the 500 Club, made a drink for me with it and it was good. Just the stv, some water, and a lemon wedge. Very nice. Oh, and very deadly.

    At the 500, they put a strip of bacon in it and call it a “Paula Deen”. I bought some for a party and we made Arnold Palmers with em. Again, like lead paint, delicious but deadly!

  • Babe Scanlon

    Bacon!?! I would eat turds if they had bacon in them, he he just kidding, I think.

    I was first introduced to it by Chris, the owner of Encore Karaoke. That was the first night I underestimated it’s deadly claws, but dang, it’s so good it’s worth it.

    They also have it at Vesuvio, I don’t know where else, except now the 500 club and I’m on my way there.

  • Babe Scanlon

    It’s very clandestinely boozy, it lulls you into thinking it’s just tea then it slaps you with the big hand of our friend Booze.

    Oh it’s good!

  • Babe Scanlon

    OH and yes. We’d better go have some. How can you honestly report on it with out first hand knowledge. You are so thorough.