19th_century_wooden_leg2.jpgDear Babe,

I’ve been without my left leg since middle school — I had a rare form of cancer that necessitated an amputation. People have never been that weird to me, but I will say I never had much in the way of dates until I moved here from where I lived (a suburb of Omaha), which I think might be in part due to my lameness (ha!). I do think that SF is more accepting of differences, especially when these differences aren’t, like, being a Republican. (Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, I’ve only been here three months and am definitely in the honeymoon phase.)

Literally a month after I moved here, I met a guy I am nuts about, and he about me. But over the weekend something started nagging at me. You know how hot it was? Well, typically I avoid the shorts for obvious reasons, but he was all “Who cares? Wear shorts! I think it’s hot!” Which, woah. Is he being nice or is that a little weird?

So, I asked him, and he said “I have to admit, your difference attracted me to you, at least initially.” Which, OK. So I mentioned this to my friend, who freaked out. “HE IS FETISHIZING YOU.” she said. She’s Asian and I think she’s had her fair share of white guys who go after her because they’re asianphiliacs, so she knows her stuff, but, I don’t know.

Is it any difference to be attracted to someone because they have nice boobs or hair? He didn’t say that was the *only* reason he was with me. Or am I just making excuses for him because I like him so? Babe, help me figure this out.


Hollow Leg

Dear Hollow Leg,

If all he’s doing is encouraging you to wear shorts when it’s hot regardless of missing a leg, then no, that’s not fetishization. Also, it didn’t cross your mind before your friend brought it up, so I think she’s just projecting.

There is always a superficial reason for initial attraction. I first liked my husband because he told a joke that made me laugh, now I love him for all sorts of reasons. That’s no more a fetishization of his joke telling than your boyfriend has for your missing leg. Now if I made him put a paper bag over his face and tell me non-stop jokes while we made the love, that would be fetishizing his joke telling.

So as long as there are no paper bag type scenarios involved, I think you’re good to go.


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