Two vehicles were burned together near the 1500 block of Laguna Street
, another on 48th Ave near Geary, followed by an attempt on a Ford 150 in the Richmond, where an Examiner had been used as an accelerant.

In typical San Francisco fashion, the truck’s owner Mike Schwinn feigned indifference about his nearly torched truck, claiming only to be “disturbed” by “idiots.” Which is pretty much San Franciscans’ answer to everything.

Usually San Franciscans are so peaceful they can hardly be considered Americans, causing some to wonder if perhaps the Firestarter is not even a San Franciscan.

This spate of car burnings, which follows five others that occurred over the weekend, as well as a similar set of incidents in May, is causing people to think about several things including but probably not limited to:

1. What kind of person gets joy out of watching things burn?

2. I miss the days when people would just break into my car to steal my Walkman, and finally

3. Do I still have to drive all the way to Burning Man to watch stuff get torched?

San Franciscans like to play Arson or Accident about as much as they like to play Bluetooth or Crazy. In other words it gets old fast.

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