The Hangover – Metreon

Sometimes trailers are too much about missing teeth, babies in closets, and tigers in the bathroom. That happens because you’re putting the sight gags and one-liners in cause you’ve got to make something entertaining in 3 second spurts. But the really funny stuff you’ve got to work harder for. You get to know the characters, develop a little bro love, then when they break out of their shell, it’s not just a guy getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson, it’s a short, lonely, bearded dude who things were just looking up for who gets punched in the face by Mike Tyson. And THAT’S rich. Website.

Another Hole In The Head

The annual independent horror festival kicks off tomorrow night at The Roxie. It features 18 films from seven countries. While big breasted women with gatling guns don’t really do it for me (apparently I’m not a real man), there’s a lot of stuff here that does: a brutal award winner from Australia called The Horsemen, Coming Soon from Thailand (my favorite emerging-cinema country), and two features from the guy known affectionately as the bad boy of Japanese Cinema, Takashi Miike. By “affectionately” I mean that “bad boy” is putting it really, really nicely. Visitor Q is the most “oh shit” movie I’ve ever seen. Some quality stuff here and some fun-loving, gut-exploding crap as well. Info.

Revanche – Embarcadero Center Cinema

“Alex (Johannes Krisch), an ex-con dreaming of a better life, and his girlfriend Tamara (Irina Potapenko), a Ukrainian prostitute, both work in a Vienna brothel, hiding their relationship from the boss. In a country village a few hours away Susanne (Ursula Strauss) and her police officer husband Robert (Andreas Lust) lead a tranquil life, lacking only a child. Desperate to rescue Tamara from her job at the brothel, Alex robs the bank in Robert’s village; Robert stumbles across them and a stray bullet leads to accidental murder…Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Film.”

Is everyone dating prostitutes but me these days? Are prostitutes like the new 50/50 v-neck? But seriously I love a good revenge movie. Dead Man’s Shoes anyone? Starts Friday. Info.

And… uh….oh just see Up again. I loved it.

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