Once again, brilliant videographer Beth Hondl and I hit the town so you don’t have to. Last weekend was the YBCA’s Big Idea Party, a free event which was packed with artsy types, much like ourselves. It didn’t make the video, but Mission Street Food was there, selling what looked to be awesome snacks for mere pennies. Attempting to hop on the controversial street food bandwagon, I asked a few attendees their thoughts on the hatchback vs. restaurant phenomenon everyone’s buzzing about.

No one really cared.

I mean, I was talking to someone eating a designer pork belly taco out of an illegally parked vehicle. We were hoping for profound thoughts on this fad, perhaps a vibrant analysis of the internet comment wars fought over this very taco.

“There are comment wars?”

“Well, kinda. Some people are pro Toyota taco. Some are against. Any thoughts?”

“Not really. It’s a taco.”

Anyway, I have to admit, this was one hell of a party. Free tattoos, cheap refreshments, drag queens…YBCA is speaking my language.

Beth H. and I wrapped up our shooting and got ready to head home when we passed a gallery filled with scantily clad people dancing. Needless to say, we stopped and watched.

I leaned over and yelled in Beth’s ear, “If I was still a drinker, I’d be up on those benches making an ass of myself right now.”

Her eyes lit up, she shoved me onto the dancefloor and screamed, “Do a wrap up!”

What the hell!

I did my dorky little “Thanks for watchin’!” schtick and walked back to Beth, barely able to contain herself, she was laughing so hard.

I was confused. “It couldn’t have been that hilarious.”

“You didn’t see him?”

“See who?” I hollered over the music.

“The dude behind you that tried to moon the camera.”

“You’re telling me I was standing there oblivious while a man exposed himself inches from my head?”

“Yeah. It was awesome.”

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