Despite a too-neat ending, Misconceptions had its Frameline audience in the palm of its hand. Or maybe it was the other way around.

So here’s the story: Miranda (A.J. Cook) decides to become a surrogate mother for a gay couple from Boston. It’s not really clear why, except for the fact that God told her to do it. Which sends a really conflicting message to her husband Parker (whose mustache practically screams “GAY!,” as one audience member did). He works diligently on his anti gay marriage signs in the garage underneath his carpenter drawing of Jesus and sleeps in a bed separate from his wife. And then Terry (Orlando Jones, you know, that 7 Up guy) comes into town unannounced to watch over his precious fetus. Except Parker doesn’t know that the baby Miranda’s carrying isn’t either of theirs.

The Castrati were in great spirits on Wednesday, hissing at the anti gay marriage rally opening the film and making general comments at the movie screen. The film definitely pokes at the Southern Christians, who can’t seem to get a sentence in edgewise without slipping a few “Lords” in or two. In the same respect, though, Terry’s fabulousness does not go unnoticed. He’s obviously the flamboyant femme to his partner Sandy (David Moscow, of Newsies fame–apparently Disney musicals make you gay. Go fig).

The film has a peppy soundtrack of gospel songs that will make even a heathen hum a few bars, but sometimes the film loses itself in pacing. The story plods along as more complications arise between characters, until Miranda goes up north to watch Terry’s dance show he choreographed. This is the obvious moment for the climax, so director Ron Satlof lets loose with a double whammy. Which takes, like, all of two minutes. With quick flashes to white and a cut to the aftermath. This is a movie about pregnancy! Where are all the crowning babies, goddamnit?

Regardless of timing, Misconceptions is a well conceived film. Somehow, a film about gay rights and the struggle of gaydoption makes these issues funny without deemphasizing the struggle gays face in mainstream society. Plus you get to laugh at those weird Jesus folk.

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