Dear Babe,

I need to sing! I used to get to sing all the time in my car but when I moved to San Francisco I sold my car. I can’t sing in my shower because I live in an old Victorian and every one in the whole building can hear me. Did I mention I am a terrible singer? So I need somewhere I can sing out loud and not be heard, or at least be around other terrible singers who understand.

Singin’ Starved

Dear Singin’ Starved.

I love it when I see people singing in their cars. It looks so fun. I love to sing too. My husband says I sing like a thousand angels writhing in pain. So apparently I suck too. F ’em! Still though I hear your needs and I know exactly where you should go.

Encore Karaoke on California near Polk
You don’t have to get up on stage to sing. Everyone at this bar sings along, with whomever is on the stage, at the top of their voices and no one cares if you suck so long as you give it heart. The rules there are: no booing and no swinging the mic. Rules I can live by. The owner, bartenders, and customers are a blast.

They’re open everyday and the singin’ starts early on Sundays.

Do Re Mi in Japan Town
You book your own private room and no one can hear you belting it out because they’re all singing at the top of their lungs too. It’s such a lovely private way to let it rip, vocally.

Do NOT go to The Mint on Market St near the Castro
The place has no humor about itself. Once, in a moment of drunken courage, I got up on that stage with my friend, in front of an audience of frowning regulars, and sang Reunited by Peaches and Herb. When we got off the stage we were approached by a number of said regulars complaining that in a duet both people don’t sing together the whole time. LAME.

So starve no more and get some singin’ done pronto!

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