Dear Babe,

I know it’s summer, San Francisco can’t fool me with it’s icy wind and gray skies! I see it in all the magazines, on TV and in the stuff that they’re selling in the department stores. I even bought a bikini. If I don’t get to sit by a pool in my new bikini drinking cocktails, soon, I’m going to explode. Help!

Bummer Summer

Dear Bummer Summer,

Oh honey, I hear you. Summertime in San Francisco is a vicious lie filled with tons of spite and a heap load of slander but there is something you can do. Grab your bikini and head on over to the Nob Hill Spa. Monday to Thursday it’s only $35 for a full day pass to use their pool, hot tub, dry and cold saunas, and workout room (who cares?). Friday through Sunday you only have to purchase a service of $90 or more for full access to all the facilities.

On super cold, rainy days they light the fireplace so it’s always warm enough to lie in your bathing suit by the pool, drink champagne and read trashy books. They have pool side food and drink service too which is essential.

If the clouds do break, there is an outdoor porch with a view where you can soak up as many rays as possible before you have to run back inside to save yourself from frostbite. You can also see the view from your lounge chair, the pool and the hot tub. This gives you the opportunity flip the weather the bird while to snuggle even further into your oasis of warmth.

Here’s my reading list of trashy books for my time by the pool this “summer”:

Don’t Mind if I Do by George Hamilton
Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business by Dolly Parton
The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx
Bonjour Tristesse
and any Raymond Chandler I can get my hands on.

We may not have much of a real summer here in San Francisco but we do have the ability to rise above the cold and bask in our bikinis anyway.

Go defrost!


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