Terminator Salvation – AMC Van Ness and Century Centre

Terminator Salvation is not the right title. Are all the terminators being saved? Is Terminator the series title and Salvation the movie title? That’s what I thought, but why no colon? I don’t see movies that neglect proper punctuation. If you like flashbacks, flashforwards, flash bangs, flash lights and have already seen Star Trek, let Terminator be your salvation. Movie website.

The Girlfriend Experience – Embarcadero Center Cinema

I’ve dated a lot of pornstars and call girls. You know you pick them up in your limo from their highrise apartment, you give them some flowers, go to a late screening of Eyes Wide Shut and then out for some Cold Stone. Back to your place with a couple glasses of wine. Then you put 2,000 dollars in an envelope on the nightstand and go to sleep. What more is there? I don’t really see the need for a feature length film. Steven Soderbergh (fresh off the epic, two part, 4 hour Che) begs to differ. Info.

Night and Day – Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

So I watch all movies on my laptop. Because I like to party. But some DVDs won’t play. Just a risk I take for being so high society. Night and Day was one such DVD. Here’s the description:

Kim Sung-Nam is a 40ish, married painter who takes it on the lam to Paris after getting caught smoking pot in Seoul. But his escape doesn’t come a moment too soon: feeling trapped in life and blocked in his art, the getaway proves welcome–only now that he’s actually settled in the City of Light, what should he do? Hong Sang-soo creates a beautifully observed, characteristically wry chronicle of Sung-nam’s attempt to savor his wandering year even if it’s come 20 years too late. Is love in the air–or is it just Paris?

Art? Lam? Pot? Wry? Nam? Give it up for this ode to three letter words. Info.

And then there’s…

Know Your Mushrooms – The Roxie

The tagline is “Don’t Go Into The Forest Without This Movie!” So it’s not the sequel to The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Unless that dilemma was The Big Lebowski or Army of Darkness? The Flaming Lips do the soundtrack and there’s no way this guy doesn’t spend a good 4 hours a day taking nature walks. If you go and see me raindancing naked in the aisle in front of you singing Do You Realize??, please do say hello. Info.

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