In tech/biz/real estate news on May 8th: UC Berkeley students are the victims of fee hikes and cyber hackers; There’s some kind of fun cheat code on Facebook that I’m weirdly excited to try out; George Lucas’ plans to build something in Marin that looks like a Catholic boy’s school but is apparently not a Catholic boy’s school may be thwarted.


CA’s first construction stimulus project will be in the Bay Area and will create more than 200 jobs. Maybe they’ll hire me after I graduate? I may be 5’2” but I’m really good with a bulldozer, I swear. SF Business Times

Murdoch says the days of free internet are numbered, ignores fact that the seventy-eight-year-old’s likely are as well. Tech Meme

Larry Digman says the Kindle isn’t a good deal for students. Tech Meme

Why not offer a cheaper, wi-fi Kindle? Chron

But maybe it’s worth the price? CNET

Everyone’s talking about the upcoming BART renovations: would you rather have soft, potentially germ-infested cushions or sit (if you’re lucky enough to grab one) on hard, foldable squares? Curbed

Hulu’s going international. Tech Meme

Apparently, Bay Area residents are down to stand in line for free work. ABC7

Stanford won a $20 million grant to create an energy efficiency center. SF Business Times

On the other hand, the University of California approved a 9.3% fee hike in undergraduate student fees. SF Business Times

Careful, unauthorized charges may be draining your credit card account! This article made me really excited until I realized that my account’s recent dip was due to the shoes I forgot I bought last week. CBS5

The CA High-Speed Rail authority is partnering up with Central Valley authorities to implement high-speed rail services. SF Business Times


Hackers strike UC Berkeley computer systems! True story, I got an email this morning informing me that “criminal computer hackers broke
into electronic databases containing [my] personal information.” My first reaction: what is this, ALIAS? (I kind of miss Sydney Bristow) ABC7

The Konami code has hit facebook. No, this is not a virus; it’s the most famous cheat code in video games. I was going to make some joke about how you should go try it out for yourself if you’re a huge loser but then I realized that I really want to myself. So, hit “UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A ENTER” on your keyboard and go wild! CNET

A sociology student placed a fake quote on a recently deceased composer’s Wikipedia page and found that a number of established newspapers failed to check for additional sources before including it in their obituary articles. I’m adding this to my list of reasons of why it’s pointless to go to Journalism School these days. Tech Meme

Facebook platform developers are making $$$, whether they’re creating virtual poker chips or mafia accessories. Tech Meme

Tumblr comes up with a way for users to rate how lame they are, essentially. Valley Wag

Stanford researchers are trying to develop a better (and perhaps more comfy?) colonoscopy.ABC7

New iphones probably have digital compasses. CNET

Is Google done with “silly” AdSense deals? CNET

Matt Asay wonders if all of us (even the deceased) work for Google. CNET

Google CEO: Bring on the government scrutiny! Reuters

Google presents TV ads. Google Blog

If you have a MacBook, disable this Bluetooth setting now. Wired


Most Marin residents would rather George Lucas not build a gigantic Mission-style complex that apparently resembles a Catholic school for boys. Valleywag

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