There’s lots of exciting and ridiculous tech news today, May 29th. Microsoft’s “Bing” and Google’s “Wave” hit the Internet; A really, really stupid man posted about his bank robbing exploits on his MySpace and was subsequently arrested; A new “super laser” might change the way we use energy; Wikipedia banned the Church of Scientology from editing articles to give people the impression Scientologists aren’t insane.


First “Hackintosh” store is set to open, even though they think Apple will probably sue. CNET

Yay, Oakland’s awesome Parkway Speakeasy Theater may be saved by investors!


Google’s new social media project, “Wave,” is here. I don’t understand it. But I do know that everyone can see what you’re typing as you type it and that scares me. Chron, ABC7

Wikipedia has banned all IP addresses affiliated with the Church of Scientology from editing their site. Apparently, multiple Scientologists were working together to re-edit all pages that displayed negative (or simply correct?) information about their religion. I bet Tom Cruise will figure out a way around this. Tech Meme, Valleywag, Wired

Is Livermore’s new “super laser” the future of energy? This sounds like the beginning of an action film, in which a research center unveils some crazy project intended to be used for public good and then evil forces capture it and try to destroy the world and Ironman has to save everyone. All I’m saying is, don’t say I didn’t warn you. ABC7

“Bing,” Microsoft’s new search service, came out yesterday and the general consensus is that it sucks. Also, “Bing” stands for But It’s Not Google. LOL. Valleywag

Robin Wauters thinks twitter’s trending topics should be used to break news, not to spread memes about the three words you say after sex. Tech Meme

TV networks provide more streaming network content than you think. Tech Meme

A judge ordered a woman who falsely accused a police officer of criminal and sexual behavior to apologize … via YouTube. I think she should also be forced to sing her own rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream,” from Le Miz and her jail time will be dependent on how many positive responses she gets. ABC7

A bank robber posted this to his MySpace: “One in the head still ain’t dead!!!!!! On tha run for robbin a bank Love all of yall.” It may have garnered him more page views, but he’s probably regretting that decision since he’s now facing a fine of $250,000 and jail time. CNET


The Western Addition is now called NoPa and the Financial District is now called Barbary Coast. Apparently this is so people will think listings in these areas sound trendier than they really are. I think Barbary Coast sounds like a pirate outpost, which is way cooler than a financial district so hey, maybe it’s working. ABC7

Mall Wars! Sounds more interesting than it is (a battle in Walnut Creek over whether Neiman Marcus should move into a certain shopping area). Although someone has actually received a death threat as a result of the dispute. Curbed SF

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