Once again, the wonderful Willie’s World has made my Sunday. I don’t want to spend all of my days writing about a socialite’s thoughts on life, but I simply can’t help myself. This week:

A) Willie almost gets kicked out of a party
B) brazenly mentions his wife, Blanche and
C) provides us with, “I got into a cab the other day. A brother was driving.”

A) It seems Da Mayor attended the San Francisco Film Society Awards Night, an event I myself could not get into. Apparently, the cocktail hour went too long and the sound sucked so when Willie tried to be helpful and offer a little constructive criticism, he was “almost” asked to leave. How do you almost ask Willie Brown to leave a $500 a head gala at the St. Francis? I’d like to see the balls on the intern who threatens Da Mayor with security escorting him out. “You don’t like the sound, Brown? You’re outta here!”

B) Why, oh why is Willie Brown still married to Blanche Brown? I am deeply confused by this European display of adultery. I’m all for, you know, opposite marriage, but I don’t see the point of the Browns staying hitched. I mean, an entire chapter of the man’s book was dedicated to what it’s like to date Willie Brown, Inc. Needless to say, it was the best chapter, the only one I read and I’d really like to experience WBI myself, just without the guilt of poor Blanche, gazing out a window in her WBI subsidized apartment with a single tear rolling down her cheek.

C) And finally, that last one I’m in love with, just a little afraid to touch. I would however like to put it on a t-shirt, update my Twitter with it and use it to kick off stories at cocktail parties.

How I look forward to Sunday morning! Who needs church when we can spend a moment or two in World of Willie?

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