This week, dramatic change is afoot in Willie’s World as Da’ Mayor does NOT happen to hail a cab driven by “a brother.” I can only imagine his disappointment as Sunday crept up on him and taxi after taxi remained brother-less.

Every new tidbit in Willie’s World seems to start with the most random name-drop on Earth or some grande success being his idea. For example, “You can thank me, at least in part, for Rosie Rios of Hayward being named the new U.S. treasurer – a fact she reminded me of when we lunched at Le Central a few days back.”

You can thank me, at least in part, for a lot of things. Christ, I pay taxes. You can thank me, at least in part, for the roads and the national parks and all of my troops protecting you. You’re welcome.

We’re also treated to the following movie review from Mayor Brown: “Angels & Demons. Worth seeing.” Say no more! Actually, I saw Angels & Demons. Apparently, the woman selling me the ticket at Sundance Kabuki doesn’t read Willie’s World. She refused to let me select my assigned seat until she detailed just how much every other person alive hates this movie. 2 and a half hours later, I agree with Willie. It’s not that bad, particularly Ewan McGregor’s fabulous departure at the end. I only wish I had Willie’s skills to sum things up. “War & Peace. Read it.” and “Mad Men. I hear good things.”

Much of Willie’s World involved plugging Le Central, where I’ve never been probably because Willie has never invited me. Either that or because it’s from like, 1978. I’m sure Willie always insists upon covering his own check, but just in case the occasional plug results in a gratis Diet Coke or a mint or something, I was enjoying fries at Spruce the other day and some pizza at Palio D’Asti and you know, the chicken at the Washington Square Bar & Grill just gets…ugh, this is exhausting.

Finally, no one seems to give Mayor Brown props for his breathtaking prose. Tell me this does not paint a beautiful gilded masterpiece in your mind’s eye: “A couple of homeless guys came up to and we all stood there together, as the cable cars went by and the fog came in.”

As SFGate commenter tcpip_hog so eloquently put it, “I like W. Brown’s style.” Me too, tcpip_hog. Me too.

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