Once again, the Beths are back! Through her friend at the Opera, our talented and funny videographer, VidSF‘s Beth Hondl managed to get us into this fabulous shindig, jointly thrown by the San Francisco Opera and the Museum of Performance and Design. The Opera is offering a Rainbow Series, which I guess is for the gays but sounds way more fun than the Straight Series so color me in. And the MPD’s got this charming Noel Coward exhibit up through the end of August, which is pretty goddamn gay too.

Beth H. is fantastic for a myriad of reasons, but basically she’s a genius for taking 45 minutes of footage and creating a 4 minute treasure. I show up and spout obnoxious questions and observations into a microphone and Beth H. makes it all look WAY better. So rock on Beth H., who refuses to let me video her. I think she’s afraid I’m going to drop the camera.

Anyway, for ages and ages, SFist Brock and I have been obsessed with socialite Joy Bianchi, the older woman in the kooky glasses declaring that all you fellas simply must have a brown tuxedo in addition to your traditional black one and white evening jacket. Joy’s at every event, runs a vintage shop to raise money for mentally retarded and she’s always got a leather daddy from central casting in tow. WE LOVE HER. And if you thought I was excited and nervous interviewing Benji Bratt, I nearly shit myself over Joy Bianchi.

This event was a fun one for Beth and me to cover, mainly because it’s our version of a public service announcement. The MPD is this lovely little museum we never knew about, the Opera’s got these great homo cocktail parties going on and you can go! We definitely plan to attend more events we can tell you about and please hook us up with tips if there’s something you’d like to see us cover.

I’m only sorry you didn’t get to see Ron, one of the fabulous attendees I spoke with, take off his gilded necklace of oak leaves and wear it as a crown, which sadly ended up on the cutting room floor. But I’d cut my sex scene with Gavin Newsom for the chance to dish day wear with Joy Bianchi. Every man should have a brown tuxedo…pure gold!

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