Wait no longer! It’s the final report from the San Francisco International Film Festival, where camera guru Beth Hondl and I covered the Closing Night Party. Beth H., it needs to be said, is my new partner in crime, encouraging my antics and allowing me to hang out perhaps a little too much at the coffee table.

While this party was Benjamin Bratt-free, we did get a chance to interview SF Appeal Contest winners Kim and April, who weren’t wild about the closing night film, Unmade Beds. I appreciated their frankness, tho. It seems if you stick a microphone and a camera in anyone’s face, they’ll usually gush over whatever you ask them. “Oh, Gigli was just magnificent. It really captured the conundrums of complex inter-personal….” Alright, alright. We’re not a goddamn infomercial.

We had a fabulous time covering the shindigs at the SFIFF and wanna give a shout out to Ashley the Publicist that took awesome care of us, along with her colleagues Hilary and Bill. Here’s hoping we get to cover more soirees and bring you the real scoop on what went down, like Leonard, a gentleman from Russian TV Guide in a cowboy hat that couldn’t get over the free meatballs.

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  • generic

    BAM. Je ne sais Spots.

    Especially at the end. VIP snark = choice.

    Memo to Fernando noob:

    Re: Young actors at their own previews

    There’s generally no one more important (at the moment) than the people holding the cameras and microphones.


    The Studio

  • be_devine

    Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ bout! They let you be you and it was FABULOUS! Like generic said, very je ne sais Spots. And love the new hair.

    Oh, and you didn’t tell me you interviewed Borat (at 1:10)! Awesome!

  • SweetMelissa

    VOP? I just let out a yelp in public! Love it!

  • KG

    “So you don’t want to hang around when I interview the director and the stars…?”

    Ahahah! Nice!

  • brittney

    VOP made me lose it. You are really, really good at this.

    VH-1 should make you one of their commentators for those horrible/awesome celeb round-up shows.

  • Beth S.

    An email from my father, who attempted to publish this as a comment but could not figure out how to do so:

    “Bethy: How did you find Borat and get him on your TV show? Daddy”