Did you see the Appeal’s own Beth Spotswood on CBS5 last night? Probably not, because you are not 18939845 years old and, therefore, do not watch the nightly news.

Well, don’t worry about it. CBS5 has gotten us a handy little embed they promised us will not crash your browser. So check it out:

We asked the mastermind behind Beth’s appearance, CBS5’s Eye on Blogs blogger Brittney Gilbert, is she had anything to say about our gal on the news, and here was her response:

Sugerman asked me for a rec on someone to talk about gay marriage, Donald Trump and beauty queens, and I could not think of anyone better than Spots to do the interview.

Once back from Marin county, Sug informs me he’d hit Rhonda the Honda with a CBS 5 news vehicle, and I could not help but grin. I knew Beth would turn it into a post on Flip You that would make me piss my pants. She did not disappoint.

Sugerman told me that Beth was great, and he wished he could “interview her for everything.” No doubt.

What. Rhonda has been damaged? We went to Beth, who provided us with this account:

It’s exciting and rare for me to get an email or a phone call from a reporter wanting a quote much less and interview. In fact, I can count the instances on one hand, it’s such a treat. So you can imagine my glee in getting a call from KPIX’s Mike Sugarman wanting my thoughts on that whole bigot beauty queen vs. Perez Hilton starring Donald Trump fiasco.

“How did this happen, Beth?” Mike asked me over the phone.

“Bad luck.” I responded.

“Ha! That’s great! We’ll be right over.”

Wait, what? To my day job? With a camera? For the NEWS?

I have to hand it to my supportive boss, Sara. “That’s awesome, Bethy!” She even dragged the staff and a legit meeting out onto the sidewalk so as not to interrupt our interview, because lo and behold, KPIX was over in moments.

Camera, lights, Sugarman.

It’s important to note that I was dressed for a day at my desk. My job’s casual and I planned on dinner with my family. They don’t get fancy hair and make-up. Had I known my mug would be thrown up on the telly, however, I would’ve called in a team of aesthetic experts.

“Always be prepared, Beth!” Sugarman advised.

The interview went on for ages, with the camera person whose name I’m horrified to report I forget filming me typing nonsense from every possible angle, including outside my office window which he had to clean with his bare hands. As he was doing this, life at my office had to go on around me. This kooky blogging thing doesn’t pay my bills, folks. I’m a Development Director for an awesome non-profit called the Mountain Play, where my “night job” antics are kindly tolerated.

Suddenly, a huge shipment of something or other arrived at our offices and the KPIX news van was blocking the entrance. At this point, our Artistic Director had shown up, the guy that makes our t-shirts was waiting around for me to help pick the tank top colors, and my boss politely poked her head in. “Any way you can move the van?”

As my fake typing was still being filmed, Sugarman grabbed the keys and promptly drove the van into the back of my car, also parked in front of the Mountain Play offices.

Yeah. You got that right. The KPIX news van crashed into my car.

I’m often asked if I fabricate my tales, if my life isn’t as wacky and horror-filled as I make it seem. And yeah, I definitely sprinkle some fairy dust from time to time. But I got interviewed on the news this afternoon and the news van crashed into my car. You can’t make that shit up.

As if that weren’t enough, they spelled my name wrong on the broadcast, which is silly when you think about it. I mean, they could’ve just gotten the correct version of “Spotswood” from the INSURANCE REPORT.

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Eve Batey is the editor and publisher of the San Francisco Appeal. She used to be the San Francisco Chronicle's Deputy Managing Editor for Online, and started at the Chronicle as their blogging and interactive editor. Before that, she was a co-founding writer and the lead editor of SFist. She's been in the city since 1997, presently living in the Outer Sunset with her husband, cat, and dog. You can reach Eve at eve@sfappeal.com.

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