A fair number of authors have penned speculation on the often cataclysmic future of San Francisco as depicted in science fiction and disaster films. Creative minds from William Gibson to Gene Roddenberry have imagined the future of our fair city (check out these side-by-side visions from Star Trek and Terminator!), but even the worst fictionalized extraterrestrial threat or seismically obscene earthquake couldn’t have prepared us for this: our beloved Golden Gate Bridge, bitten in half by a giant shark.

Let that image sink in for moment.

Got it? Ok good. Clearly we’re not talking Jaws giant. More like, jump-out-of-the-ocean-and-grab-a-commercial-airliner-out-of-the-sky giant. Like bite-the-Golden-Gate-in-half giant. What prompted such a bombastic display of paleozoic aggression? It’s hard to say for sure, but judging from the preview of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (Yes, you read that right. The name of this newest B-grade disaster outing is the refreshingly candid Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus), San Francisco’s newest problem was most likely caused by global warming and the resulting thaw of the epic prehistoric nautical battle described by Deborah Gibson’s character (again, you read that right – Deborah “Debbie” Gibson) as “The Thrilla in Manilla.”

MTV’s got the scoop on the trailer. Personally, we’re rooting for Giant Octopus.

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