At first glance, the Troya menu did not seem exceptional; however we were assured by one team member’s memory of having a mind-blowing meal on the premises. Turns out, he was on the money — Troya, after three F.A.T. adventures was my most memorable and delicious to date. Troya was amazing, enjoyed by all and every dish from starter to Niman Ranch chicken kabobs, the only veggie dish on the menu being raved about to the desserts were simple and perfect. Which is, for some weird reason, hard to do. And Troya brought it.


Some F.A.T. team members were even inspired to haiku about Troya’s food. To wit:

Start warm olives
Beyti, flatbread lamb roll yum
More baklava please

From another F.A.T. member:

Luscious lamb flatbread;
End your posturing, and march
onto my palate.
Also, PUDDING. Yes.

Finally, a five word review: “next time more meat balls.”

We ordered:

Warm Olives ~ Coquillos and Castelvetrano, in Herbs and Citrus. $4 (hot, satisfying)
Spinach Borek ~ Baked Filo with Spinach, Pine Nuts and Raisins, with Creamy Feta. $6.5 (to die for; fought over)
Turkish Flatbread ~ with Traditionally Seasoned Beef and Tomato. $5.5 (gaahhhh)
and the meatballs, which are not on the online menu but left us wanting for more

There was more, including but not limited to:

Beyti ~ Adana Style Lamb wrapped in Housemade Flatbread with Tomato and Yogurt Sauce. $14 (OMG, indescribably soft and resilient and perfect and lightly herby)
Things not on the online menu, such as the Niman Ranch kabobs that made me cry tears of joy and the veggie moussaka that made the vegetarian Goth hottie squee with happy.

Desserts were had and raved about:

Baklava ~ layers of flaky fillo dough filled with crushed walnuts, baked and brushed with a homemade syrup, topped with pistachios. $4.5 (see haiku)
the Pot do Crme $6 almost caused a fight

At the end we were jubilant and full, and satisfied that “Whenever possible we use products that are organic, sustainable, and locally farmed.” The 18% gratuity was added for our big party, and they made us reserve in advance for our size — though at the end they did not take multiple credit cards for large groups but made a smiley gracious exception for us. The Turkish beer was quite delicious (Efes Pilsner -Turkish Beer- $4.75) and I’d love to go back again — even if it is in the Richmond.

Troya: 349 Clement at 5th
Phone: 415-379-6000.
Hours: Open Monday-Thursday, 5pm-9:30pm; Friday and Saturday, Noon-10pm; Sunday, Noon-9pm.
Reservations: Open Table.

About the Food Adventure Team

Who we are: A variously employed (tech, music, legal, freelance, not at all), loosely gathered team of adventurous eaters from all aspects of the omnivorous Kinsey Scale. We are not “foodies.” We just love to eat.
Food range: Anything and everything. We range from vegan and veggie to lactards to people who seek out the grossest meats on the menu.
Our goal: To try a new restaurant every other week. Hopefully in a neighborhood that gets us all out of our comfort zones and makes us leave the computer. (Except the ones in our pockets.) We usually end up with between 6-11 people for a dinner somewhere new. We order a bit of everything and share. We always meet new people at the table and chat about nerdy things while being food lovers. That’s all it takes, right?

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