On May 1st, opinion columnists wonder whether Obama’s making the grade, if Rush Limbaugh has become the most sane member of the GOP, and … something confusing about yuppie guilt.

Mark Morford thinks its time to sit back and enjoy the circus-like downfall of the once powerful Republican party. His article itself is LOL-worthy: Morford compares Glenn Beck to “your crazy uncle … who eats Miracle Whip straight from the jar and hears voices in his armpits,” and notes that the GOP’s budget proposal “looked like it was photocopied at a 24-hour Kinko’s by a very stoned senator’s aide.” Someone’s in a good mood. Chron

Shockingly, an opinion columnist from BeyondChron thinks Muni has the wrong priorities. BeyondChron

Richard Rodriguez, a “lower Pacific Heights” dweller, is confused re: the recession’s effect on San Francisco. You see, there are fewer parking spaces since people are too broke to drive anywhere, and when they do drive they must endure potholes just like they do in – gasp – Mexico. But, on the other hand, his neighbors are still renovating their apartments and such. Then he wonders why people love to hate yuppies. Hmm. Chron

California prisoners, much like twelve year old girls, could do bad things with the aid of cellphone access and therefore we should ban reception around prisons (and middleschools?). Chron

Obama: A B+ president? Chron

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