11:34 AM Chris is out at Ven Ness, which is still blocked. No arrests yet, and, according to an “unnamed cop,” “everyone is well behaved.” Circling back on the press conference he attended earlier today, Chris notes that “Herrerra and everyone says the reason why they aren’t appealing to federal court is that federal courts traditionally let states decide on issues like this, so it’s back to the ballot box.”

Chris also notes ” there were VERY FEW pro-8 people out today, like maybe a dozen.Nothing like it was in March when they argued it.”

11:20 AM: Chris also spoke to the Executive Director of Equality California, who said they will decide at end of Sept whether to put a prop repealing 8 on the ballot or not. They won’t put it on unless they think it will win.

10:55 AM The Mayor’s released a statement:


California at its best is a beacon of equal rights and equal
opportunities. If we want to prosper together, we must respect each
other. That’s why we must resolve to overturn this decision. Let this
work start today.

It is up to every single one of us who supports marriage equality to
reach out to those who still disagree with our position and have a
personal conversation about why it is so important to treat every
Californian equally.

Across the nation, states like Iowa, Connecticut and Massachusetts are
recognizing that separate can never be equal under the eyes of the law.
We must all do our part to make sure California joins in this march
toward equality.

Let’s be respectful. But let’s be clear. We must start changing minds
today. I know many of my fellow Californians may initially agree with
this ruling, but I ask them to reserve final judgment until they have
discussed this decision with someone who will be affected by it.

Please talk to a lesbian or gay family member, neighbor or co-worker and
ask them why equality in the eyes of the law is important to every
Californian. Please talk to local business leaders who know that this
will cost jobs and make California less competitive. Please remember we
all know someone who is hurt by this decision today. Please reach out to
these friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors and discuss why
this decision is wrong for California.

When California started this journey five years ago, we were traveling
virtually alone. In fact, many states that year voted to ban same-sex
marriage. Today, five states, including Iowa, have moved to affirm
marriage rights for gay couples, and more are poised to follow. Now we
must redouble our efforts here in California to finally win this fight
for equal rights.

10:41 AM Chris Roberts is at the official press conference — Herrera: the official fight ends here… but what we could not achieve today, we will achieve at the ballot box. Word is they’re about to start arresting people on Van Ness.

10 AM As expected, the Supreme Court has upheld Prop 8, the ban on same sex marriage. Those who got married in the period before the ban took effect will remain married under the ruling.

Hi, everybody! As you already know, the court decision on whether or not Prop 8, the proposition to ban same-sex marriage in California, should continue to stand will be announced around 10 this morning.

Here’s what’s going on this morning, via Marriage Equality, USA (because we’re “anti-Prop 8 cheerleader“s!):

8:30-9:15: Service/Blessing at St. Francis Lutheran Church (152 Church St, across from Safeway).

9:15-10: March from Saint Francis to Civic Center Plaza.

9:30-10:30: California Supreme Court steps (400 McAllister St)

10:30: Circle of Care at Civic Center Plaza. If the marriage ban is upheld, a group of Bay Area clergy and congregants will engage in nonviolent civil disobedience immediately after receiving the ruling.

We have folks covering all these events as they happen, so please keep checking back — and if you’re on RSS, we’re sorry, but our stories won’t automatically repost to your feed as they’re updated, so please do stay on our homepage to get the latest news.

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