Chris Daly had a hair cut (in fact, all of them); Let’s Get This Done Early So’s We Can… uh… Attend The Muni Hearing?; and Render Into Biodiesel

Someone told us that Supervisor Chris Daly must have lost a bet, what with the new close-cropped look and all. It made sense, given that the Duke attendee has a well-publicized penchant for basketball, his Blue Devils shat the March Madness bed (in full disclosure, so did our teams) and that it was Duke archrival UNC playing in the NCAA title game Monday night. But a thorough Appeal investigation (“Did you lose a bet?” “No.” “Is the cut Final Four related?” “No.” “Are you sure?” “I did lose bets but that’s not why I cut it; now stop asking me about my hair during a meeting!”) debunked that theory. It’s just a haircut.

Some things do happen for reasons, however. For example: today’s full Board of Supervisors meets at the early, early time of 10 a.m., a full four hours early. Why? Hard to say, as The Appeal could not be bothered to dig up an official explanation for this. So, hopefully, wild, unfounded rumor — “They’re on East Coast time now”; “Someone on the Board is a Red Sox fan and doesn’t want to miss Opening Day”; “It’s all a ploy, the real meeting is at 9 a.m. at Ed Jew’s old house” — will suffice.*

Ok, maybe that’s not why — maybe it’s because there’s a special order calling for discussion of a fat rendering plant. No, really — there’s a fat processing plant near Islais Channel, owned by a big-time conglomerate, that wants to start rendering all types of sticky icky grease and fat into biodiesel. The fat plant got around state environmental law back in September, and some cried foul. Now you can, too.

Other than that, about the only item of note we found — and trust us, we looked for like minutes — is the city’s plan to sell $3.4 million worth of bonds on behalf of a small Christian liberal arts college in Santa Barbara, bonds which will fund a loan to that school, Westmont College, with which funds said school will buy outright a 12-bedroom (!), 13-bath (!!) Panhandle Victorian in which it houses its Urban Studies program (!!!), which it has heretofore merely leased from the city. See — it is a buyer’s market.

So there you go: a never-ending supply of doe-eyed Christian collegians, just DYING to experience the big city, location provided. The rest is up to you — but don’t forget who to thank.

What: Full Board of Supervisors Meeting
When: 10 AM
Where: Board of Supes Chamber

Photo of Supervisor Daly’s new do: Chris Roberts for the Appeal

*We’re actually told that the meeting was moved up since it’s the Giants’ Opening Day, with the game beginning at 1:05 today.

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