In the news on April 3: As always, lots going on with twitter; lay-offs abound, provoking some to advertise themselves on local TV; mini bay bridge to be built in Dolores Park as part of renovation.


If IBM and Sun Microsystems merge as expected, as many as 10,000 employees could be laid off. Eeek. techmeme

Unemployed people are making television commercials about themselves in hopes of getting noticed by potential employers. Right now the ads are aired on local stations, but how long until someone creates EmploymeTube.com? Chron

A Business Forecasting Center says the CA economy will lose nearly one million jobs this year, with unemployment likely peaking at 11.3 percent in the East Bay and 9 percent in San Francisco. Chron

Start-ups like Audience, which makes phone-embedded “integrated circuits” that allow people to talk on their cells in noisy environments, raised a ton of money this week. Chron


On his show this week, Steven Colbert made fun of Biz Stone, founder of Twitter, for creating a non-profitable site. Valleywag

Maybe Biz should take some tips from Google, which has found a way to use twitter to sell ads. adage

But, contrary to rumors, Google is definitely not acquiring twitter – at least not anytime soon. D
By the way, twitter wants you to know they’re hiring. Wonder if they only accept cover letters under 140 characters? twitter blog

More and more people Facebook execs are quitting. Maybe they’re applying to twitter? valleywag
Wealthy British villagers quite literally took to the streets, forming a “human chain” to stop a Google van from taking pictures for their Street View feature. valleywag

Digg’s launching the “diggbar” later today, a new add-on which sounds a lot like StumbleUpon. As if we needed another procrastination aid. digg blog


Looking for a multi-unit building in the Bay Area? One real estate brokerage firm now offers a web tool that will make your search easier. Chron

Lowe’s is opening a large store on Bayshore Blvd, in the same space Home Depot recently walked away from after a decade-long battle for the spot. Chron

Twisty 38-story condo tower will be built next to the Transamerica pyramid. curbed
The Dolores Park playground will be renovated next year, with exciting features like boats and a mini Bay Bridge. We foresee fights between stoned hipsters and small children over who gets to go first on the slide. curbed

Image: SF Weekly’s Newsom Fail Whale

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