Features section headlines on April 23: Don’t mess with the fun; news from SFIFF; and Steve Jobs goes to far, but probably doesn’t think so.


Berkeley poet Jim Powell releases first book of poems in 20 years. Poems are novels for the short attention span, and should be enjoyed by people who are busy, and or human. Chronicle


Jay McInerney, author of Bright Lights Big City, claims he will talk about wine tonight at Commonwealth Club. Weekly

If San Franciscans can’t get naked and belligerent in the streets then what can they do? Cops forced to go undercover just to get their groove on at after hours parties in SoMa. SFBG


David Lee Miller talks about his film, My Suicide, which will premiere at Sundance Kabuki as part of this year’s SFIFF. Asserts that older watchers might find film hard to understand, because many people over 30 don’t have the desire to broadcast their suicide attempts on YouTube. Weekly

Terminator might make a comeback. If Gavin can have a day job why can’t Arnold? CBS5


Architect Cass Calder Smith designs SF restaurants. Admits that design may be becoming more important than food. Soon restaurants may do away with food completely to concentrate on tropical woods and incandescent lighting. Chronicle

Spice Recall ’09 continues. People with tastebuds lament loss of both black and white pepper. Secretly wonder whether white pepper is the foodie term for salt or possibly something more sinister. CBS5


An Alameda bank manager is accused of of embezzling $650,000 from international opera star. Article can’t seem to decide if the accused is a man or a woman.


Do you know what people love even more than their iPhones? Their babies! Apple pulls ‘shake a crying baby till it dies app’ due to public outrage. CBS5

Now you can too can make completely incoherent protest signs ala Frank Chu.Laughing Squid


The Guardian’s Tim Redmond accuses SF Weekly of being all prudey, because they flipped over tax-payer money going to train employees of SF porn company. Throws down New York Post comparison in first sentence. In this day and age is giving money to people who want to learn to “produce more perfect web-based depictions of motorized dildo impalements” really the worst we could do? This point goes to you Tim Redmond. Guardian

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