Watch out, Bay Area citizens! On April 22nd, Robin Hood is on the loose with a stash of money for “those in need;” Berkeley residents split on whether to implement new environmental regulations; if you’re looking for a place to watch porn in peace, the San Jose library is the place for you.


Police are looking for a bank robber who threatened to detonate a bomb in protest to corporate bailouts. The apparently smiley suspect got away with a large amount of cash, and said the money would go to those who deserve it. Here’s to hoping this dude is part of some new Watchmen-type superhero clan. Chron, CBS5

Berkeley’s new, radical plan to fight global warming has divided residents almost directly down the middle. Opponents say the plan is not recession-friendly, but those in favor say the proposed regulations are crucial. ABC7, CBS5

San Jose will not block pornography from its library. Council claims the costly 10,000 filters are the problem, also cites need for anonymous community center in which to safely browse YouPorn (just kidding). ABC7
, CBS5

A SF mother was found guilty yesterday of murder and attempted murder of her children. Ex, CBS5


Same sex marriage advocates don’t want to wait for the Supreme Court’s decision: they’re already planning their own ballot measure. Chron

Expect to see even less of Newsom now that he’s running for Governor. Chron

According to Stanford University, the CA high school exit exam is essentially pointless, biased against students of color. Chron


For Nob Hill residents, the districts’ hasty graffiti cleanup is more of a problem than the tagging itself; an 80 year old woman had to be “talked down” from her ladder recently for taking matters into her own hands. Ex

Congratulations are in order for SF CEO Julie Abrams: the Woman’s Initiative CEO is one of three Bay Area winners of this year’s Small Business Week awards. Ex

JROTC program is likely here to stay. Ex

Another day, another ominous Muni fare forewarning: it might cost you two dollars to take the bus within the next few months. Ex

Unsurprisingly, street fairs are suffering from the recession. Supervisor Mirkarimi wants to make sure they at least break even.Ex


After devastating 1Q fall, Yahoo plans to cut around 700 jobs. CBS5


BART will begin installing hundreds of solar panels at Richmond shop. ABC7

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