Every once in awhile, a little slice of heaven lands in my lap. This past week, a reader of my personal blog sent me an e-mail. It seems Sarah was spending some time at her folks’ home in Santa Cruz. Wisely, she decided to order a pizza and logged online to Pizza My Heart, where she discovered this image.

Yeah, that looks like a topless Gavin Newsom holding a surfboard to me too.

Sleuth that she is, Sarah ordered her pizza and hopped on Twitter, asking Gavin via a tweet if it’s really, truly him up there on the Pizza My Heart website…topless!

His response? “It is.”

Shocked, Sarah hopped back on Twitter, remarking: “Interesting. I figured they photo-shopped your face on to some other dude’s body.”

Again, the Mayor of San Francisco’s Twitter account responded! “I don’t like the picture either.”

No one said they didn’t like the picture, Gavin. We just want to know if it’s really you.

So I asked Nathan Ballad, Gavin’s spokesman if this pizza advertisement was indeed Gavin Newsom and if the Mayor is actually twittering himself. I received a rapid response from Nate saying that yep, Gavin tweets himself (which CBS5’s Brittney Gilbert can confirm) and has more Twitter followers than the Governator! But nope. That pizza advertisement with a topless Gavin Newsom holding a surfboard is a case of “mistaken identity.”

Mistaken identity? I’d know those nipples anywhere.

Starting to feel a little like Encyclopedia Brown, I e-mailed Nate again. I’m sure he’s busy fielding calls about health care and civil rights, but the people need to know. If that’s not Gavin on a pizza parlor website, why did his Twitter account say it was? Maybe the Mayor is a proud fan of Pizza My Heart, delighted to pose for their ad campaign provided he gets final photo edit. Because if Gavin is truly twittering from his iPhone, these boys need to get their story straight.

I’ve yet to hear back from Nate, but I did speak with the delightful Chuck Hammers of Pizza My Heart. He has no idea if that’s really Gavin. His graphic designer (who I’ve got a call into) designed the ad, but Mrs. Hammers is dying to know as well. If it’s not Gavin, Chuck will donate $300 in pizza to the chairity of Newsom’s choice if the Mayor will agree to pose in board shorts for Pizza My Heart. Stay tuned…

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