“It’s fun hearing the audience react the same way I did,” Trannywood
director Ian Sparks said about watching the porn he makes. And
if you’re going to a public screening of queer porn at a community
theater, you’re there just as much to listen to the audience as you are
to watch the flicks. Thursday night, Queer Porn-ucopia certainly bedded a few hearty chuckles from the Roxie Theater attendees.

This audience wasn’t new to this kind of porn or this kind of sex depicted on screen. During Trannywood’s Cubbyholes
(NSFW), one transguy gets some enthusiastic oral. A lot of oral. Sure,
it was tense waiting for him to finally come. But the audience knew
that when he moaned and sucked in his breath it was real pleasure
he was getting from the play. And they giggled.

In a scene from The Bi Apple
(NSFW), two freshly showered guys start sucking each other off in their
apartment bathroom. They’re running their hands over each other,
grabbing ass cheeks–and then the camera catches a woman sitting in the
corner, watching all hot and bothered. Awkward. Or maybe it’s just hot.
She gets off, sheepishly admits she lost control of herself and
scampers off. Meanwhile, neither of the two dudes have gotten hard.

Ian Sparks, Pink & White Productions director Shine Louise Houston
also listens to the audience. Despite feeling nervous about showing her
work onscreen, she knows what will captivate her viewers . “I know it’s
a good scene when I stop making edits,” she said.

Her clip from The Crash Pad Series
(NSFW) season 4 episode 24 is more talk and less sex, but its frankness
makes the audience comfortable. Top Ex and Muscle Beach dish on the
scene they just filmed in which Muscle Beach is all tied up. Ex teases
Muscle Beach for the combination of enduring some hardcore
breast-slapping and complaining about a hair stuck on hir tongue. It’s
something the audience could relate to: being totally up for kink and
then wimping out over the little things. The theatergoers laughed in

(NSFW) has a similar behind-the-scenes moment play out after its
frenetic and aggressive threesome.  Papi and Wil discuss their love for
roleplay and show off their costumes. Papi raises a white cape with
gold fringe and matching underpants. He’s being silly, and even after
such an arousing scene, the humor works.

Sometimes, porn is unintentionally funny. The homemade, very indie Seven Questions About Desire
kept having sound problems, and performer Amy Andre was just starting
her pre-bone-sesh interview. That didn’t stop the audience from getting
resourceful and providing their own dialogue.

“And I like…” one viewer offered over Andre’s muted talking head.

“…long walks on the beach,” another said.

And then: “There was this one time? At band camp?”

Har har har. But you know, deep down, they were probably just imagining her naked.

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